The Scott lab is well equipped for molecular biology including refrigerated centrifuges, -80 and -20 °C freezers, thermal cyclers, agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis, four computers, platform and flask shakers, air and water incubators, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, qubit fluorometer. There are several autoclaves, large low speed centrifuges, ultracentrifuges, an applied Biosystems 7900HT fast real time PCR system and a water purification system available and in close physical proximity to the Scott lab at NCSU.

Several temperature and light controlled rooms that meet either PC1 or PC2 level arthropod containment, are available to the Scott lab. An additional PC2 arthropod containment room that contains three large temperature, light and humidity regulated incubators is also available to the lab.

The core insect transgenesis facility.

Sophia&Es_cropped copyThis state-of-the-art shared facility is adjacent to the Scott lab. Equipment includes a Leica M165FC fluorescence microscope with a Leica DFC500 digital camera, Olympus MVX10 fluorescence microscope with XM10 camera, high zoom-range Leica M125 stereo-microscope with video camera for microinjection, Leica stereo microscopes for aligning embryos for injection, Sutter P-2000 glass needle puller and FG-BV10-D beveller, Xenoworks micromanipulator, Xenoworks digital injector and Newport LW3036B-OPT vibration free table.

The equipment in the facility was mostly purchased with funding from a North Carolina Biotechnology Center Institute Development grant.