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Postdoctoral Fellows

A postdoctoral position is available immediately to develop transgenic male-only strains of NWS that carry a conditional early-acting female-lethal genetic system.  This is a unique opportunity to develop a novel transgenic strain that can be readily assessed for potential for genetic control in the field.  The research will be performed within the only sterile screwworm mass-rearing facility in the world, located in Pacora, Panama, under the guidance of COPEG management and its research partners.  An efficient transgenic strain could facilitate control of this important pest in countries in which it is endemic, as well as reduce costs for ongoing control in Panama (refer to COPEG Program description below).

Pacora is a short drive from the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.  With the close proximity of the Panama Canal and a well-established business community, Panama City offers an exciting lifestyle for the young professional, as well as opportunities for international collaboration with prestigious research organizations such as the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Candidates must have a PhD degree in genetics, molecular biology, or related discipline.  Additional knowledge and experience required includes:

  • Advanced English in reading, writing, and speaking (Ability to communicate in Spanish preferable but not required);
  • Strong foundational knowledge in Molecular Biology and Genetics (Knowledge of insect genetics and transgenesis desirable);
  • Knowledge of molecular biology techniques;
  • Minimum three years of experience working in molecular genetics.
  • Knowledge of project evaluation methodologies;
  • Knowledge of recombinant DNA techniques;
  • Preparation of scientific articles and oral presentations;

Compensation, including living allowance, is commensurate with experience.  International candidates are welcome to apply.

Interested candidates should send a CV to: no later than January 20, 2021.


COPEG is an independent commission, established in 1994 through an international treaty between Panama’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MIDA) and the USDA.  Its mission is to prevent, detect, suppress, and control NWS, a dangerous pest of warm-blooded mammals, including livestock, various types of wildlife, and humans.  NWS is one of the World Organization of Animal Health’s notable diseases of concern; Where it is endemic, it causes millions of dollars of losses, as well as significant harm to animal health and welfare.  COPEG maintains the only sterile NWS mass-production facility in the world.  Located in Pacora, Panama, this Level II bio-secure facility produces approximately 20 million sterile flies per week and continuously releases them over the Darien, a province along the Panama – Colombia border, to maintain a biological barrier and prevent northward movement of this devastating pest into NWS-free areas in Central and North America.

Any questions on the position contact Max Scott at

For more information about COPEG please visit:


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Graduate students

Graduate students interested in joining the Scott lab should apply through the genetics program, entomology department or biotechnology training program.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students interested in a research project in the Scott lab should contact the PI