Postdoctoral position on spotted wing Drosophila

swd little 2A postdoctoral fellowship is available to develop Y-linked Cas9 strains of spotted wing Drosophila (SWD) for a genetic control program. The strains will also express gRNAs targeting X-linked genes. To facilitate this work we have assembled and identified Y-linked scaffolds through long read sequencing of DNA isolated from the male offspring of a single male.

swd imageThe project will build on our previous work on CRISPR gene editing in SWD, transgenic strains that express Cas9 and genetic suppression of populations with male-only strains.

This will involve making gene constructs by recombinant DNA methods, development of transgenic lines, and evaluation of the potential to suppress populations in lab cage experiments. Experience in molecular biology is essential and in Drosophila genetics is preferred.

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