Postdoctoral position on spotted wing Drosophila

swd little 2A postdoctoral fellowship is available to develop “male-only” transgenic spotted wing Drosophila strains for a genetic control program. The strains will carry female lethal genes that can be regulated by diet modification, such as addition of tetracycline. The approach will be similar to used previously with calliphorid livestock pests but with some novel features.

swd imageIn addition, the fellow will be developing further the CRISPR/Cas9 technology in spotted wing Drosophila as recently highlighted on the IGTRCN site and described here. The Cas9 technology could be used to develop population-suppression gene drives and to investigate the function of genes important for fly behavior in the field (e.g. odorant receptors).

The projects will involve making gene constructs by recombinant DNA methods, development of transgenic lines, and evaluation of strains for various biological characteristics (e.g. female viability). Experience in molecular biology is essential and in Drosophila genetics is preferred.

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